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Aroma Fragrance Lamp - Black Mosaic Catalytic Oil Burner Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Black Mosaic Fragrance Lamp

This beautiful decorated fragrance lamp doesn't just look good but also helps fill your home with your favourite fragrances.

The fragrance lamp has a platinum coated burner stone connected to a cotton wick which is inserted into the bottle. the platinum coated stone acts as a catalyst.

To use, remove the stone and wick and pour the fragrance oil into the lamp bottle using the funnel supplied. Fill up to two thirds full leaving an air gap to allow air to circulate inside the lamp bottle and for the catalytic process to work. Replace the stone and wick and place the small silver cap over the stone. Allow the wick to absorb the fragrance for around 20 minutes, then remove the silver cap and light the top of the stone - leave to burn for 2-3 minutes until the flame reduces. This bring the stone up to an optimum temperature for the most effective performance. after this, blow out the flame and this will leave your lamp working. place the decorative silver top over the stone.

The mix of oxygen and fragranced lamp oil keeps the stone hot, by contently drawing oil up through the wick and releasing it into the air. using the lamp for around half an hour will purify the air and fill the room with the beautiful fragrance you have chosen.

Great gift idea for family and friends.

Dimensions - Height 16.5cm, Diameter 10cm


  • Includes platinum burner stone
  • Black mosaic design
  • Oils not included
  • Funnel included for mess free pouring
  • Freestanding