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Decorative Artificial Hanging Lamp With Exotic Plants With led Light Terrarium

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Hanging Exotic Lamp

These lovely lamps with exotic plants inside have a lovely black chain so they can be hung 33cm from the ceiling. They can also be put on your windowsill or table. Each Glass Canister has an exotic plant, with pebbles and an Led Bulb. The Lamp has 2 settings, 1 that stays on continuously and 1 that stays on for 6 hours on then 18 hours off. Height of Glass container is 18cm and 9cm Diameter (approx)

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  • Material: Glass
  • Height: 18cm (approx)
  • Width Body: 9cm (approx)
  • Power source: Battery (AA)
  • Light: Led
  • Plant type: Exotic
  • Require 2 x AABatteries