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Wooden Insect Bee House Hotel Wood Roof Attract Insects & Bees To Garden Green

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Insect Hotel

Insects pollinate flowers and re-establish the ecological balance in gardens, balconies and patios by eliminating the insects that are harmful to our garden, therefore making them extremely valuable to the environment.

Over the years, the number of hibernation locations has reduced, due to encroachments into the natural habitants of valuable insects like the green lacewing and bees.

This insect hotel gives these insects a place to shelter during the winter and summer months. There are numerous different rooms for the insects to nest according to their needs.

This hotel is made purely from natural materials.. Attracts primarily:. . Mason bees. Ladybirds. Butterflies. Green lacewings. Digger wasps. Wild bees.

Box of nesting and hibernation materials that will attract and are beneficial to insects.

This insect shelter is a perfect solution to provide a remote location for a wide range of garden insects and Bees.

For bees, place it on a wall for the sunlight from the front to the south.

This product is designed to be freestanding mounted on a wall or you can tie to a fence or tree trunk. There is also a metal hook at the back that you can hang it

Made from solid wood. It measures 26cm in height, approx. 13cm in width and depth 8.5cm.

Besides for attracting insect this will be a great feature in your garden