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Wood Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter Safe Shelter Wildlife Cosy Sanctuary

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Medium Propagator

This wooden hedgehog house comes to you fully made. This hedgehog house has a tunnel, that you slide open and let your hedgehog get in protected from other predators and raise their own litter

It helps to keep your prickly neighbours guarded from predators, such as birds and foxes, as well as giving them a safe and comfortable space to care for their litter.

To help keep the hedgehogs warm, all you need to do is place straw or leaves inside this hedgehog house in order to provide them with a cosy environment for them to warm up in and escape the winter weather during hibernation.

Simply place this box in your garden or hedge and whether it's raining, snowing or sunny, this wooden hedgehog house is designed to provide your spikey friend with a safe space to hide away all year round.

This Hedgehog House provides a cosy sanctuary from pets, predators, harsh weather and garden tools.

The doorway provides extra protection as it protrudes from the main body of the shelter.

This solid, sturdy safe house has enough space to accommodate a family

  • Wooden Hedgehog House
  • Arrives to you fully made
  • With clever designed doorway that slides out
  • Lovely featured water proof latted roof
  • Dimensions: 34cm Width, 23cm Height, 20cm Depth
  • Door opening dimensions: 10cm Width x 12cm Height