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24cm Artificial Purple Lavender Plant In Resin Pot Potted Plant Fake Flowers

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24cm Artificial Lavender Plant in Resin Pot

Crafted from plastic is this artificial lavender plant sits in a basket style resin plant pot featuring a 'Love' badge on the front and decorative stones, giving you a refreshing decorative houseplant. Perfect for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, window sills, tables, desks and more.

With slim green stems, calming purple colours and multiple branching shrubs in a resin basket topped with everlasting stones, this artificial lavender flowers will give a realistic look from far distances.

This small potted lavender flower makes a great alternative to real flowers/plants. It requires no maintenance, sun, water or caring, just wipe off any dust and you have realistic looking flowers. A hassle free way to add greenery and colourful freshness to the atmosphere indoors or outdoors every day.

Dimensions - Height 25cm, Width 9cm, Length 9cm

  • Artificial plant
  • Lavender flower
  • Made from plastic
  • Resin pot
  • 'Love' badge
  • Decorative stones