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Pasabache Set Of 6 Stemmed Red Wine Glasses 260ml Gift Box Dishwasher Safe

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Set of 6 Wine Glasses

Set of 6 stemmed wine glasses to meet numerous wine needs.

These glasses have unique structured stem and pedestal base made from strong glass which will provide easy grip and stability.

The bowl above the stem has a curved out/fluted structure to make drinking your favourite wine much more easier.

These stemmed glasses can be used to serve numerous drinks such as red wine, cocktails and many other beverages.

A strong pedestal base to preventing spillages and add beauty. As beautiful as the stemmed wine glasses look, a long stem risks them easily tipping over drinks. Hence, these stemmed wine glasses are made from strong glass and have a heavy pedestal base to ensure the chances of spillages are reduced.

It all provides balance to drinks especially when serving.


  • Set of 6 Wine Glasses
  • Stemmed
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Capacity 260ml
  • Height 16cm
  • Diameter 10cm
  • Gift boxed