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RTA 72 Bottle Traditional Wooden Wine Rack Natural / Dark / Black Ash Pine

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RTA 72 Bottle Traditional Wooden Wine Rack Natural / Dark / Black Ash Pine

Part of RTA's range of wine racks, please select from the drop-down if you wish to purchase in a kit format which means you have to assemble yourself or in assembled which means it arrives to you ready-made.

Made from premium-quality dark pine and lead-free, hot-dipped galvanised steel. Holds up to 72 wine, champagne or 1-litre bottles in a 8 x 8 configuration. Can be extended/modified using RTA's patented 5 clip-joining system.

Also available in a fully assembled version.


  • 72 bottles per rack
  • Made in the UK
  • Stores all wine and champagne bottles
  • Space-saving
  • Easily expandable
  • W 81 x H 81 x W 23 cm

Established in 1979, RTA is the largest single producer of wine racks in Europe. The traditional storage systems - that continue to use the same design principles as when they were initially created in 1703 - offer the safest and most flexible solutions for storing wine, champagne and a wide variety of 1-litre bottles. The individual sections within each wine rack are deep enough to support the entire body of the bottle once it is located.

The RTA Wine Racks are available in either natural pine or stained (dark) pine. The natural pine systems are untreated so that they can be self-stained to match any colour if required. The stained (dark) pine models are produced by individually dipping the natural pine blocks into a rich, dark brown solution. Both are guaranteed to be perfectly smooth in order to provide the best possible protection for bottles and their labels. The blocks are held in position by a series of interconnecting sections that are made from lead-free, hot-dipped galvanised steel.

The racks can be purchased in 2 different formats: Ready-to-Assemble and Pre-Assembled. The Ready-to-Assemble versions are in flatpack format and are simple to erect using RTA's patented system. The Pre-Assembled alternatives can be taken directly from their box and are ready to accommodate bottles immediately.

As of 2015, the RTA Wine Racks are available in 15 different sizes/configurations. They range from a 9-bottle model to a 27-bottle (under-the-stairs) rack, to a 90-bottle version that is intended for the serious wine/champagne connoisseur. The company also offers a 5-clip extension system that enables all racks to be extended or customised to fit in exact spaces.

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