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Set Of 6 Turkish Tea Glasses & Saucers Plates Pasabache Heybeli Glass Gift Box

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Turkish Tea Glass & Saucers - Set of 6

Bring continental style and bohemian chic to any tea party with the collection of teacups from Pasabache. Paşabahce has been among Turkey’s favourite glassware names for over 80 years.

Turkey currently has one of the largest tea markets in the world, with a per capita consumption even higher than Britain's (if you can imagine!).

Rather than consuming their tea from a porcelain cup or mug like we do, however, the people serve their tea in tulip-shaped glasses. This is because Turkish tea is traditionally very strong, with a rich, deep red colour that demands to be on display! Therefore, is perfect for lovers of loose-leaf, herbal or fruity teas, as the crystal clear design allows you to enjoy both flavour and colour simultaneously.

This set also comes with 6 matching saucers, crafted with a central indentation that helps secure your glass in place.

Whether shopping for business or pleasure, when it comes to products that effortlessly straddle the gap between fashion and function, this set is sure to fill your home.

  • 6 Turkish Tea Glasses
  • 6 Saucers
  • 165ml Capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Gift box